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Samoyed PUPPIES SOLD - Born Nov. 19, 2005

Diamond - Dad

 Jessie - Mom



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Spedo - SOLD

Spedo - My New Home is in California

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I want to thank you so much for Spedo. He is such a little (big) guy. The airport cargo dept said he was the cutest puppy they have ever seen. Thank you so much for the chew bone, he really gets his work out with it and so do we. ~ Love ya, Russ Ann - 01/20/2006

Spedo New FAMILY - Ready For The Glamis!

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Lexi - SOLD
Lexi - My New Home is in Pennsylvania
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Hi Candy! We're home! Lexi is GREAT! and more beautiful than her pictures. She is playful and happy! The lady at the airlines told us that you did an excellent job of shipping her. She said they ship pets all the time and this was the best shipping she has ever seen. I told her it was your first time...she was impressed. I loved the red bow, too!
Thanks Again! ~ Christy - 01/13/2006

Lexi New Home - Fit For A Queen!!

This is LOVE!!!

and I'm Loving It!!!                                              My Favorite Spot!!

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Bear - SOLD  
Bear - My New Home is in King of Prussia PA

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Hello Candy,

Just wanted to let you know that Bear, one of the Samoyed puppies born in Nov 2005, has a new home. My husband and I got Bear in February 2008, and we live in King of Prussia PA. At first Bear was a bit angry and unpredictable, but trusts us now, and has become a perfect fit for our family. We love him immensely! He looks just like his mother Jesse, but with a touch of pink in his nose. My husband takes him to work every day, so he is always surrounded by people who adore him and lavish him with the attention he needs. On weekends I take Bear to Valley Forge National Park where he meets more people and lots of other dogs and walks for miles. In the evenings when the weather is good, Bear goes to Philadelphia to walk around and enjoy the city smells. On holidays, he travels upstate to the Pocono Mountains where my parents have a farm. Bear takes a lot of walks around the farm, and of course, gets a lot of attention! Bear is now a very happy dog, a little spoiled, but is getting the attention and exercise that he needs.  


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Glacier - SOLD
My New Home is in Illinois

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Male #2-SOLD
My New Home is in Illinois

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Female #2-SOLD
My New Home is in Iowa

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Male #3-SOLD
My New Home is in Illinois

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